New delivery person! Erica!       

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3 month Summer special for $175.00

Posters on bulletin boards will market your brand 
to hundreds of
 customers as they sip coffee at their favorite cafe! 

Ground level Marketing at it's best! 

New! Free pick up Courier Service!

Delivery Locations include:

Restaurants, Cafes, Bookstores,  Libraries,
U of A Campus, Grocery Stores, Music Stores,Visitor's Centers

Advertise your Concert, Play,Festival,Class or Business...

Our 6 routes for one month include: 

Main Route, East Route-
now combined-$125.00
Add: Concierge/Resort Route+ $75.00
Add: Saddlebrooke/Rancho Vistoso+$55.00
 Add: Green Valley/Sahuarita+$50.00
Add: Local Hotels and Resorts+ $35.00

All 6 routes costs $340.00 for one month-weekly checks


* Drop off materials-UPS Store 3661 N. Campbell Ave. by Tues. before 5:30* 
Payment by check or Paypal
Quantities-One month-#150 copies,with Extended Eastside-#175 copies, 
Saddlebrooke/Rancho Vistoso-#250 copies
The best size is 8 and 1/2 by 11"-letter size. 
Larger and smaller can be accomodated.

Bulk Distribution is available for
brochures, postcards, leaflets and stacks


Email or call Kathy: