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Summer Special-3 months for $195.00!!

News! Free courier service!

**Wild West Courier-set up through me! #389-8471

Advertise your Concert, Play,Festival,Class or Business...

Our 6 routes for one month include: 

Main Route, East Route -
now combined-$125.00

 Add: Concierge/Resort Route+ $75.00

Add: Saddlebrooke/Rancho Vistoso+$55.00

 Add: Green Valley/Sahuarita+$50.00

Add: Local Hotels and Resorts+ $35.00

All 6 routes costs $340.00 for one month-weekly checks

 Main List  & Eastside-$125.00 Month

* Drop off materials-UPS Store 3661 N. Campbell Ave. by Tues. before 5:30* 

Northwest corner of Prince and Campbell Ave.
**This UPS Store gives my customers a discount on full color copies @.32 cents each-323-3535

Payment by check or Paypal
Quantities-One month-#150 copies, with Extended Eastside-#175 copies, with
Saddlebrooke/Rancho Vistoso-#250 copies
The best size is 8 and 1/2 by 11"-letter size. Larger and smaller can be accomodated.

Pricing-Ask me

Bulk Distribution-brochures, postcards, leaflets and stacks
**Season Brochure Distribution Available** 

Delivery Locations include:

Restaurants, Cafes, Bookstores,  Libraries,
U of A Campus, Grocery Stores, Music Stores,Visitor's Centers

 Main List  & Eastside-$125.00 Month

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